“Write for Us Job” We welcome experienced writers to write for us on topics related to Jobs, Careers, Interviews, and LinkedIn Personal branding for Job Search.

Expertsjobs24.com is a popular website in the Job search space. We started Expertsjobs24 with the motivation to make the job search a painless journey. We equip job seekers with the necessary tools and guide them with useful content with the sole intention that they find their new jobs quickly.

With this motivation in mind, we welcome you to share your experiences that help job seekers in any way.

Remember, we charge for the contributed articles. However, we are absolutely fine with the outgoing links in author bios and the maximum of two outgoing links to your site within the content if these fit in naturally.

What Types Of Articles Do We Accept?

We accept articles that help professionals find their new jobs and manage their careers. Here is the list of topics that we accept:

  • Job Finding Tips
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • ATS Compliant Resumes
  • Job Trends
  • Recruitment Advice
  • How to Guides
  • Case Studies
  • Interview Preparation Guides
  • LinkedIn Personal Branding
  • Anything that helps job seekers find their new jobs quicker and employed professionals make a transition to a better job

How to Pitch Your Topic Idea?

Please send your pitch to [email protected] with the following details:

Subject: Guest Post Idea

In your message, include the following:

  • Title of Proposed Article
  • Target Keyword
  • What this article will achieve
  • Your bio
  • Mention your websites that will get an outgoing link (If any)
  • Samples of previous writing samples – This helps us understand if we need to spend enough on editorial work.
  • Suggest a few ideas, if possible, for us to pick one that we think will help our readers

Please take note that we evaluate every application and respond to every application we receive. Since we only accept quality articles, we don’t publish any articles we receive.

What We Don’t Accept

We don’t accept any article that is either:

  • Self-promoting articles that are solely written for the purpose of getting links
  • Any article that links to our competitors
  • Already published articles
  • Spun articles
  • Plagiarized article

What We Do When We Receive Your Pitch?

We read every email that we receive with the above-mentioned subject and evaluate every proposed idea. If we like your idea, our editorial staff will reply to you to roll in your writing work. Oftentimes times our editor will suggest the optional content outline that you can use when finally composing your article.

Article Check List

  • 1000 word minimum
  • Unique, original, and helpful information
  • Short paragraph
  • Use of headings and sub-headings
  • Free copywrite images

Submitting Your Article

Once you complete your writing, send us your article by email ( [email protected] ). Include the following in your submission:

  • Articles should be in .docx format or Google doc link with outgoing links as hyperlinks inside the text body

Article Review and Publication

After we receive your article, we do the following:

  • We review your article and all the visuals
  • We verify all the outgoing links and your social media links
  • Send you feedback if it needs further editing
  • We do the final SEO optimization if it is required
  • We schedule the finalized article in our content calendar. To finally publish your article, It takes approximately two weeks after we receive the final draft.

Link Policy

We allow do-follow links to your website as far as these fit in naturally. In return, you are free to use the published article in your portfolios and share these articles in your social media campaigns.