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“Jobs in Lahore on Olx” A job in the OLX is a brilliant chance to change your life. There are many job opportunities in OLX coming up day by day. Olx is a well-known platform that serves to make easier the life of people. This is a platform that provides free classifieds in Pakistan.

Jobs in Lahore on Olx are available for many categories for only Lahore. We search in the Olx search bar with the keyword “Jobs in Lahore on Olx” and got hundreds of results. Here are some common and famous categories that’s jobs are vacant on Olx for Lahore. You can also search by yourself at

Vacant Jobs in Lahore on Olx

  • Online earning Jobs
  • Part-Time Jobs
  • Full-Time Jobs
  • Online Jobs for Male & Female
  • Office Staff Requirement
  • Home Based Jobs
  • Chingi Amar Sadu Jobs
  • Online Assignment Work
  • Pharmacy Salesman Job
  • Order Taker Jobs
  • House Driver Jobs
  • Female Director Required
  • Female for Restaurant
  • SEO Internship

Lahore Jobs (Jobs in Lahore on Olx)

OLX usually does not offer jobs or is very rare for itself, instead, people post on it. And as far as I can see, most of these posted ads are about online earning. I request that all readers do not pay anyone for online earnings as such scams are being reported daily.

“Jobs in Lahore on Olx” Also, talking about other jobs on OLX, such as Jobs in Lahore on Olx, there is a demand for all kinds of jobs. Some of which are worth mentioning. As. Sales Manager, Senior Manager, Juice Specialist, Online Work Jobs, AC Technician. There are also many vacant jobs for girls, part-time office jobs, driver jobs, helper jobs, call center jobs, article writing jobs, medicine packing jobs, and many more.


About Olx

Olx is the organization that is providing its services online as a third party. People visit their website at and post anything they want to buy or sell. Similarly, the buyers also visit and buy products according to their needs.

Olx provides a chance for both (Buyers & Sellers) to chat with each other on the same platform or can exchange their numbers for further info. On the Olx.

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Jobs In Lahore

Stay with us for private and government jobs in Lahore. Lahore is the capital of Punjab and the second-largest city in the country. There are numerous government and non-government job opportunities available in Lahore daily. Thousands of talented people apply for these jobs according to their qualifications and get selected to support themselves and their families. You can say that Lahore is an attractive city for job seekers.

The most in-demand jobs in Lahore are part-time or part-time jobs, online jobs, factory jobs, and hotel jobs like house waiters and cleaning staff, these are all professions that provide a lot of job opportunities. There are vast opportunities for skilled and unskilled people in Lahore.

Hotels Jobs in Lahore

Hotels Jobs in Lahore, There are many different types of jobs in the hotel industry, including serving and watering men and women, cooking, washing dishes, and other cleaning jobs, especially in high-end hotels, including large hotels. 4-star and 5-star hotels running big food chains with famous brands are noteworthy. In such places, any job seeker can hone his skills and get a well-paid job accordingly.

Note: If you want to take up the hotel industry as a career, do it by taking a cook or chef course.

Apart from this, other jobs such as bartender, dishwasher, bus attendant, and reception girls are playing their role in employing a large number of people. Many organizations hire people based on different working hours.


 Marketing Jobs in Lahore

 Marketing Jobs in Lahore, The field of marketing is very much needed in the current era, anything, any health center, for every sphere of life, the importance of marketing is obvious. Its importance cannot be denied. Today, a field that denies its importance or does not understand its importance will quickly flop.

Universities around the world offer advanced degrees in this field, among the professions that are noteworthy in it are Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Marketing Analyst, Marketing Coordinator, and Marketing Manager.

All the skills mentioned above are responsible for what marketing approach should be taken. Can sell on And how new markets can be explored. And how to make people feel that this is important to them by increasing the importance of your product.

The demand for marketing jobs in Lahore is high to the extent that every business hires skilled people to introduce new ways of making a profit for it.

Teacher Jobs in Lahore (Jobs in Lahore on Olx)

Teacher Jobs in Lahore, In today’s era, the education sector is developing a lot, especially as a business, this sector has overtaken many other sectors. In such situations, big brands have come into being, among which many domestic and foreign organizations are worth mentioning. With the existence of these institutions and the increase in population, it has become possible for both the less educated and the more educated people to find jobs in their vicinity.

Among the sectors that are notable in this are teachers, technical education teachers, music teachers, scientific subjects and their practical laboratory staff, cleaning staff, and teaching and general teaching staff.

Call Center Jobs in Lahore

Call Center Jobs in Lahore, In a city like Lahore, where every business is going on a large scale, it needs call center and service center staff to run it and provide better service to its customers, for which many call center jobs are created. Generally, the salary for a call center job can be from 20 to 30 thousand, but if you are experienced or in a supervisor post, your salary can be from 75 thousand to 1 lakh.

Along with this, there are opportunities to get other benefits. In group insurance, overtime, commission based on sales, and other such facilities can also be found.

FAQs of Jobs in Lahore on Olx

What is OLX?

OLX is the online platform that is providing services to buy and sell. This is the place to provide free classifieds in Pakistan.

Does Pakistan use OLX?

Yes, OLX provides services all over Pakistan. Anyone can Buy or Sell without cost/totally free anywhere in Pakistan with OLX online classifieds.

How to sell or buy on OLX in Pakistan?

To buy or sell on OLX is very simple. Anyone can create an OLX account free of cost. Choose your country and place your ads to sell, Similarly, enter your keywords like “Jobs in Lahore on Olx” and search it. All the results will be in front of you. Contact the seller for more information and for dealing.

Who is the owner of OLX Pakistan?

OLX Group Pakistan is owned by the “Prosus, the international assets division of Nasper“.

Which is the most sold item on OLX?

There are various gadgets that are being sold on OLX as a top of the list. In which include laptops, video games, cameras,tablets, mobile phones, computers, and much more.

What is stands of OLX?

OLX stands for On Line exchange (OLX) is a free online classified that is helping to buyers and sellers both.

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